Glacier Alley

Toward evening we said goodbye to Punta Arenas and the Strait of Magellan and headed south through the Cockburn Channel. This evening and all of the next day, Mother Nature would steal the show. The South American continent ends at Ushuaia, but across the Strait is the cluster of islands called Tierra del Fuego. This is still Chilean territory. It is where we headed next. We were treated to quite a sunset: Antarctica Part 1 984

Antarctica Part 1 974

The mists were just starting to rise on the mountains.
The mists were just starting to rise on the mountains.

What a great night for sailing: Antarctica Part 1 970

The next morning we were at it early! In the night we had entered the Beagle Channel, named after the boat that carried Charles Darwin as a naturalist on a mission to survey Tierra del Fuego. His book The Voyage of the Beagle is a diary of this experience. Antarctica Part 1 988

The upper entrance to the Beagle Channel is called Glacier Alley, for some reason. Antarctica Part 1 991

Antarctica Part 1 992

A little bit later we were treated to a beautiful moonrise: Antarctica Part 1 999 What a way to start the day. And, it got even better as the sunlight began playing off peaks!

Antarctica Part 1 1004

Antarctica Part 1 1009

Antarctica Part 1 1016

Finally! A waterfall! Antarctica Part 1 1020 That was a nice one! Wish we could see more!

Antarctica Part 1 1024

Wait a minute. What’s that up there? Antarctica Part 1 1040


What an incredible place!!! Antarctica Part 1 1045

Antarctica Part 1 1060

Antarctica Part 1 1063

Throughout our journey down Glacier Alley the ship’s naturalist kept us informed about the qualities of each glacier, the wildlife in the area, the history, and so on. What an asset they were to the experience! As we have done so many times before, all we could say to ourselves: What a wonderful world! Antarctica Part 1 1072

At last, it was time to leave the channel for our next port of call, the last one before Antarctica. Antarctica Part 1 1074 As night fell, we found the lights of beautiful Ushuaia! We were now in Argentina! But not for long.

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