The Rialto Bridge

If you’re in Venice and you long to see the faces of your fellow tourists, well typically all you have to do is turn around,  if there aren’t already several hundred in front of you. But if you want to see even more of them, head for the Rialto bridge.

File:Venezia - Ponte di Rialto.jpg

(This is not my picture, since apparently it is the one thing in this town I didn’t photograph. Credit goes to Wikimedia)

The bridge in its current form dates to 1591 and was designed, even then, to include shops on either side. They are well occupied to this day. So, ready for a leisurely stroll through the shops? Well, so is most of the civilized world.

DSCF9938 - Copy

If you can’t find enough shops on the bridge…

DSCF9939 - Copy

there are plenty more on the other side.

DSCF9940 - Copy

And, there are more on virtually every side street.

DSCF9943 - Copy

So, what is it we think we need? How about some hand-made shoes?



What! You say you don’t have gloves to match the shoes? Mama mia!


Perhaps some nice baubles to complete the look.


Going retro?


Want to enhance the decor?


Ready to bring the old man in line with your new fashion sense?



Wait! Don’t have time to dock the gondola for a little shopping? Problem solved!


Now, let’s pick up  a little something for the maid!


Well, all this shopping can wear a body out. Time to hit the gelato stand!


Then, it’s time to hit the sauce!


Now a quick bite for those on the go!

DSCF9944 - Copy

And, perhaps, a little dessert!





DSCF9946 - Copy

DSCF9945 - Copy

One thing about shopping, it should make you happy!

DSCF9553 - Copy


Next, we will take one last look and Venice, then we’re off to Florence!





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