In The Kingdom Of Ice

Following a disappointingly calm night crossing the Drake Passage, we pulled back the curtains the next morning to see this, our first view of Antarctica:

Antarctica Part 1 1458

Well, we didn’t have to go too far into our memory banks to realize we’d never seen any place like this before. Here was some more confirmation:

Antarctica Part 1 1463

Antarctica Part 1 1465

One of the ladies in our group, who has been here before, described Antarctica as “Alaska on steroids.” When we were in Alaska some years ago we already thought it WAS on steroids. But….

Antarctica Part 1 1473

For those of you who like to see maps, here is one from the captain that outlines our voyage. I’ll put it up on each of the remaining Antarctica posts.


If you want the real BIG picture, here that is also:

Antarctic Peninsula

As you can see on the first map, our first stop was Cuverville Island, famous for its rookery of Gentoo Penguins. All we had to do was step outside to know we had arrived.

Antarctica Part 1 1503

Cuverville Island
Cuverville Island

You will notice a sailboat to the right. Apparently it is now somewhat common for yachtsmen and/or women to cross the Drake Passage and come over here for sightseeing. Best wishes to them all!

Antarctica Part 1 1479

There was quite a lot of chattering going on with these guys!

Antarctica Part 1 1483

Antarctica Part 1 1484

Some were trying to decide if this was a good time to go for a little dip.

Antarctica Part 1 1501

Antarctica Part 1 1494

After a while we had to say goodbye, and good luck! But I will say, and I’m sure I could find plenty of our shipmates who would agree, there was more than one time I imagined myself being that guy. OK, maybe not in Antarctica, but some place. Now I’m just happy to be here under any circumstances.

It was time to head down Andvord Bay and see the sights: I don’t want to tell you your business, but if were me, I’d pour a nice cup of joe and take my time going through the next set.

Antarctica Part 1 1496

Thankfully, it’s the middle of summer!

Antarctica Part 1 1509

Antarctica Part 1 1520

Antarctica Part 1 1525

Antarctica Part 1 1540

Antarctica Part 1 1552

Antarctica Part 1 1550

Antarctica Part 1 1553

It is always good to know that somebody on the bridge is at least looking out the window!
It is always good to know that somebody on the bridge is at least looking out the window!

Antarctica Part 1 1561

Some day I think it will be discovered that some crazed electrician has secretly been wiring icebergs with blue lights. How else can it be explained?

Antarctica Part 1 1572

We’ve seen icebergs before, but not the size of the Doyt Perry stadium!

But they sure make a convenient resting place!

Antarctica Part 1 1576

Antarctica Part 1 1587

Antarctica Part 1 1589

Antarctica Part 1 1600

Now we were entering Paradise Harbor to pass by the Videla Station, operated by our friends from Chile. There could possibly be some sanitation issues:

Antarctica Part 1 1607

Yes, it’s a research station, but it is also a whoppin’ big penguin rookery!

Antarctica Part 1 1609

I hope the dining hall is air tight!

Antarctica Part 1 1610The guy doing repair on the tower has some challenges!

Antarctica Part 1 1619

But now it was time to say goodbye to our Chilean friends!

Antarctica Part 1 1637

It wasn’t even noon yet and we headed for the Neumayer Channel

Antarctica Part 1 1638

Antarctica Part 1 1640

We headed for the Channel, but things didn’t go exactly as planned.

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